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Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist

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Nicole has over twenty years of clinical experience working in sports

physiotherapy private practice.

During that time, she developed passion and skills for the management

of sporting injuries, particularly lower limb, lumbar spine and pelvis. She

completed her Masters Degree in Health Science (Sports Physiotherapy) at

La Trobe University in 2009 and gained her APA Sports and Exercise 

Physiotherapist title in 2010. 

Since 2014, Nicole has worked with The Australian Ballet during their

Sydney seasons as well as Bangarra Dance Company, several international touring dance companies

and internationally renown touring ballet dancers. This experience, together with continuous further study,

has enabled Nicole to hone her already considerable sports physiotherapy skills, and placed her in an excellent position for those looking for a specialist Physiotherapist to work with pre-professional and professional dancers. Nicole brings her extensive knowledge and experience of injury management of high performance dance to all levels and styles of dance and for all ages.


Nicole has developed a special interest in treating hips, feet, ankles and lumbopelvic pain. She has developed extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries, which is essential in the effective treatment of dancers and the general population

Nicole is well known for her wholistic approach and empathic treatment of each person. She takes the time to

educate the dancer about the injury and management process and

works closely with other health professionals to ensure that each

dancer’s management plan is tailored to their needs. This method is proven to be effective in reducing the incidence of injuries.

Nicole is well known and respected by sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, and general practitioners. She also has

extensive experience conducting small group exercise classes, such as Clinical Pilates and Osteoarthritis programs.

Nicole works closely with many different styles of dancers, dance schools and companies to ensure the safety of all dancers and she is the Consultant Physiotherapist and Anatomy educator at Classical Ballet 121 in St Leonards, NSW.

Nicole is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and the International Association of Dance Medicine (IADMS)

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